Equine Assisted Learning Luccombe Hub is an EAQ Approved Centre.

What is Equine Assisted Learning?

Equine Assisted Learning offers everyone a unique opportunity to improve their mental wellbeing by working alongside horses with a specifically designed therapeutic programme. This partnership between horses and individuals provides an environment for tremendous personal growth and development.

Equine Assisted Learning is a collaborative effort between a qualified facilitator, with a learner and a horse to address treatment goals. This therapeutic and holistic approach is experiential in nature. Participants learn about themselves and others by taking part in activities with horses and then processing (or discussing) feelings, behaviours and patterns. There is a growing literature on Equine Assisted Learning worldwide that supports its effectiveness with different clinical presentations and client populations

Who can benefit?
Anyone who has been subjected to or experienced:
• Emotional,
• Behavioural
• Relationship difficulties
• Difficulties attending school
• Family difficulties,
• Trauma or abuse
• Insecure attachments
• Autism

How does it work?
Horses naturally respond to the emotional issues people bring to the sessions, issues that are often displayed in their interaction with the horses. This allows the facilitator a unique insight into the learner’s individual difficulties and creates an environment where the horses can support both the learner and facilitator in working towards change. Horses non-judgmental and non-verbal nature provides a safe place for participants to develop self- confidence and resilience and learn about themselves.

Counselling and Therapeutic interventions

Ashley Crocker is our therapeutic lead and a qualified counsellor, working in tandem with Lydia Bryant our Thrive practitioner.  The Luccombe Hub works therapeutically with young people and offers support to their families.  

At the heart of our therapeutic work is a person-centred approach, which means therapeutic interventions are learner led.

Whether the sessions are held amongst the Luccombe Hub gardens, in the forest, or with the many animals on the farm, we aim to support the learner’s emotional awareness and resilience, appropriate to their developmental ages and their often-overwhelming thoughts and feelings and life stories.

EAQ (Equine Assisted Learning) offers our learners therapeutic intervention to improve their mental wellbeing by working alongside horses with a specifically designed therapeutic programme.

The team works closely with all the facilitators to ensure that the physical, emotional, spiritual well-being and needs of the learners are being met, and this sometimes involves working alongside other professionals supporting the young people and their families.



Thrive Ambassador school with Excellence in environment

What is the Thrive approach?

The Thrive Approach is a dynamic, developmental and trauma-sensitive approach to meeting the emotional and social needs of children and young people.

The benefits of Thrive?

The Thrive Approach has evolved over the last 25 years and built upon theories in attachment and child development, grounded in neuroscience and using play, creativity and the arts.  Thrive provides those who work with children and young people with the knowledge, skills and tools to optimise social and emotional development.  By focusing on the relationship with the child or young person, Thrive delivers improvements in children’s behaviour, leading to better engagement and attainment.

So how does The Luccombe Hub use the Thrive approach to help our young people?

The Luccombe Hub, with permission of our families uses arts, creativity and play activities to engage with our young people to encourage them to express themselves, thoughts and feelings.  We may use the Thrive assessment tool to really understand the emotional level of our learners and from this create Thrive Action plans, through the use of these action plans which form part of a child’s overall support plan, facilitators/teachers will follow suggested activities specifically chosen to help a young person develop the necessary skills to grow and develop which in turn helps them reach their personal goals.

If you would like to know more about the Thrive Approach, you can visit the website www.thriveapproach.com  or get in touch with our Thrive Practitioner Lydia Bryant via the office – Office@LuccombeHub.com.