The aim of our curriculum is to connect the learner with themselves and re-engage them with an interest in learning. 

We aim to equip all our learners with skills that enable them to become more emotionally resilient, help them develop skills to become lifelong learners and be economically employable.

With a team of staff specialising in a wide variety of areas, our learners are given the opportunity to engage and access a wide and varied education. The curriculum offered by Luccombe Hub is one that allows for a holistic provision of learning opportunities through planned activities with flexibility for the learner to be involved in choices within what and how they learn. Learning is woven into everything that a learner experiences during the day and supported through therapeutic intervention, play and outdoor experience.

The 6-week induction period gives the young person time to adjust to life within Luccombe whilst they are assessed.  Once settled, the learner will join one of our pathways and an individual programme of activities will be timetabled and shared with them.

Learners have opportunities to enter public examinations for Functional Skills or GCSE Maths English and Science and GCSE Art.  There are also opportunities to gain accreditations in a variety of other courses such as ASDAN short courses (including Animal Care and History), Arts Award, EAL and BHS Challenge Awards.

Mental Health Curriculum

Use the link below to download our mental health curriculum:

Mental Heath Curriculum