New Projects – Greenpower

Luccombe Hub our pleased to announce the imminent arrival of Green Power projects to support our STEM curriculum. To find out more about this exciting new addition to the Luccombe Hub see link below 


CREATIVE LOCKDOWN POEM Over 10 weeks into our lockdown and things are beginning to feel hopeful. Last month we shared a beautiful poem about pausing and reflecting. This month, we are sharing a poem that encourages us to take any positive changes we’ve made with us as we move forward into the year, and after […]


HOW CAN ART THERAPY HELP YOU? Why Art Therapy? Whether you consider yourself to be “creative” or not, creating something can be beneficial and significant for your mental and physical well – being. Art can help to regulate emotions by allowing you to focus and tune into bodily senses; releasing physical tension through the act […]

Introducing the Thrive Approach. 

Introducing the Thrive Approach. Alternative education and understanding young people is the beating heart of what we do at The Hub. Our purpose is to help young people manage and regulate their emotions by providing them with a safe space to be welcomed every day, allowing them to reach their full potential.We are very pleased […]

Art Competition

Art Competition We take pride in nurturing creativity at the Hub and recently we have been able to display some of our learners displayed in Tescos’ Blandford who have been supporting Friends of Luccombe Hub. We are incredibly proud of one of our learners for being entered for the Dorset Arts Prize by Bournemouth and […]