Luccombe Hub Alternative Provision

Longmead Community Farm and Milton Mills

Ofsted Registration Number 838/6012

Luccombe Hub is an independent registered Specialist School rated ‘Good’ with Ofsted and Outstanding in 3 categories.  

We primarily focus on Mental Health, and offer 1:1 and small group support with SEN Facilitators trained in SEMH needs. We are a registered Equine Assisted Learning Centre (EAQ®), Thrive Ambassador School, ASDAN and Exam Centre, members of Social Farms and Gardens and The Outdoor Learning Institute. 

 Luccombe Hub’s Alternative Provisions are based at Longmead Farm and Milton Mills both settings are based in rural Dorset near Milton Abbas.  For children and young people who are unable to access mainstream schooling but looking to take their next steps in re-engagement in education. We offer a therapeutic approach to education for up to 20 young people. 

Registered on Dorset County Council Alternative Provision Framework Luccombe Hub is also able to deliver up to 15 hours a week alternative provision to children aged between 8 and 16 years old under lots:  

Lot 1  

Ofsted Registered 


Lot 2 


Support/counselling/Equine assisted learning 

Lot 3 


Lot 4 


Only through project-based learning 

Lot 5 

Progress to Settled Adult 

Life skills 






We are a facility where we focus on SEMH needs primarily; we believe in learning, not teaching. Learners who cannot access mainstream education due to trauma, anxiety and lack of social skills are able to come and access both 1:1 and small group support, while helping them to re-engage with more formal education. Some of our learners’ transition from our Alternative Provision to the main Centre at The Luccombe Hub.  

Learners can explore and learn about topics and things that interest them through a project based, learner led structure, and we endeavour to support children for their next stage in education, giving them the opportunity to develop their social skills, reduce their anxiety, build self-esteem, trust, self-confidence, and resilience. Luccombe Hub facilitates using a ‘non-judgmental, unconditional positive regard’ encouraging positive choices while in safe, therapeutic, and carefully supervised surroundings.  

At Luccombe Hub we think about developing the learner’s growth mindset. Learners often have low self-esteem and do not believe that that they are able to connect with the next stage in their education. 

This mindset takes time to alter, and we support learners to create goals right from the onset of the program and use regular and inventive ways for learners to self-reflect and goals achieved are celebrated throughout the term. 


Our Alternative Provision at Longmead Farm is designed to help children to recognise and discuss their feelings, safe in the knowledge they will not be judged; to voice their anxieties and frustrations, recognise their own emotions and what triggers their change in mood and how to manage their feelings appropriately specifically in the home environment, future education and with their peers. 

We believe that there is an alternative to conventional education, by having hands-on, skills focused projects and working in the outdoor environment.  

Intended objectives:   

We hope that through attending Luccombe Hub’s Alternative Provision at Longmead Farm, our highly qualified SEN facilitators will help learners to achieve their goals through:  

  • Building trust and bonds through working with their assigned key facilitators. 
  • Access to counselling and mentoring. 
  • Building self-esteem, confidence in their abilities and increased resilience to challenges.  
  • Growing in confidence both in social settings, with their peer group and at home. 
  • Developing the learner’s growth mindset and their ability to reflect on tasks, difficulties, and successes. 
  • Participating in practical orientated tasks, planning executing and taking ownership and responsibility for their learning and achieving their goals.    
  • Feeling safe in their environment.  
  • Reducing their anxiety levels.   
  • Learning to communicate their needs in an appropriate way and reflect on behaviours.    
  • Helping learners to develop self-awareness.   
  • Supporting learners to recognise and regulate their emotions, recognise triggers to their emotions and emotions of others around them.   
  • Recognising elements of calm and use appropriate strategies to help manage their emotions.   
  • Helping learners to respond appropriately and consistently to adult direction.   
  • Working alongside other young people in small groups and respond appropriately to authority. 
  • Learning to carry these elements into other settings specifically future education. 
  • Managing transitions and changes.  
  • Building, self-esteem, and self confidence in their written and verbal contributions.  

To support learners to achieve the above objectives, they will have access to a full programme of subjects delivered through project-based learning, life skills, PSHE and SMCS. Or elements of the following depending on number of hours attending and package type.  

Longmead Farm

To support progress and inclusion programs are designed to suit the specific needs of Luccombe Hub learners.  

  • 1:1 and small group support from highly qualified, dedicated, and empathetic SEN facilitators trained in SEMH needs. 
  • Maths, English, Biology, through project-based learning.  
  • Art. 
  • Gardening. 
  • Music 
  • Environmental Studies 
  • PSHE and Life skills including Cooking, Personal Health, Internet Safety and First Aid.  
  • Assessments through Leurvan, Thrive and ‘I can” statements. 
  • ASDAN courses. 
  • DT, Mechanics, and STEM projects. 
  • Equine Assisted Learning (EAQ®).  
  • Animal Care. 
  • Workshops  
  • Individual projects designed around the young person’s interests.   
  • Forest School/Bush Craft.  

Milton Mills aged approximately 15 plus

  • To support moving towards independence and adulthood, programmes are designed to support inclusion and entry into in further education, life skills, and employment.
  • 1:1 and small group support from highly qualified, dedicated, and empathetic SEN facilitators trained in SEMH needs. 
  • Moving towards independence and adult hood 
  • Individual projects designed around the young person’s interests.   
  • DT and woodwork  
  • Mechanics and STEM projects. 
  • ASDAN courses 
  • Workshops 
  • Animal Care/Farm 
  • Life Skills program including: PSHE, Cooking, Personal Health, Internet Safety and First Aid.  
  • Work experience  

Nita Dooley - Head of our Alternative Provision at Longmead Farm and Milton Mills

Nita has twenty years’ experience of working with children and young people in both Primary, Secondary and Further education, specialising in SEND and inclusion. Nita part of the Senior Leadership team at Luccombe Hub and our Designated Safeguarding Lead.

If you are interested in the Alternative Provision Luccombe Hub has to offer, at either Longmead Farm or Milton Mills please contact her on:

We work closely with ABAVIA at Manor Farm Dewlish for those looking to gain qualifications in rural employment. These include a number of qualifications ie: tractor driving licence, fork lift driving, along with hands on agricultural experiences

Luccombe work in collaboration with Dorset Trade Skills for young people who would like to gain their CSCS card and experience and qualifications in bricklaying, carpentry plastering and other construction and building skills