Learner Dress Code

We aim to nurture a strong sense of self at The Luccombe Hub and understand that clothing and footwear options can present sensory difficulties for some of  our learners,  we therefore do not choose to have a restrictive dress code policy, however we are mindful or our learning environment and the need to keep all our learners safe so ask all parents, carers and learners to support us with the following clothing specifics:

  • Please keep Shorts / Skirts / Dresses close to knee length. We ask that shorts/skirts avoid being too revealing. Shorts or leggings can be worn under a skirt or dress.
  • T shirts should have no inappropriate wording, symbols or logo’s
  • No crop tops / strapless tops / anything too revealing or low / high cut
  • No transparent or ‘cut away’ tops or low riding jeans (underwear should not be visible).
  • Jewellery and make-up should be minimal.
  • We ask that nails be kept short to avoid injury.
  • Footwear should be appropriate to the surroundings for example wellies for the farm. Learners can bring with them a pair of indoor shoes if this would help them feel more comfortable.  They will need to change them for outdoor learning.
  • Some of our curriculum activities can mean getting dirty and therefore suggest clothing reflects this, if required send in a change of clothes for your young person to change into if needed.
  • Warm clothing for outside learning e.g. coats, hats & gloves, thermal layers and waterproofs suitable for all weather.
  • For work experience visits, smart casual clothes to give a good impression (dependent on work experience environment)
  • For off-site activities, dress according to the educational trip being attended – for specific trips – confirmation of any clothing required will be provided to parents/carers.

The Luccombe Hub offers our learners the option to wear a Navy Blue Luccombe Hub T-Shirt and it may help them feel even more part of the Hub community, they are £10.00 each.  This is completely optional but if your young person would like one, then please email office@LuccombeHub.com.

For full information regarding The Luccombe Hub’s Dress Code you can view the policy here.