Behaviour Management

At The Luccombe Hub we take a therapeutic approach to behaviour management.
Instead of punishments such as detentions and written sanctions we use reflective practices and restorative meetings. We do not use restrictions such as isolating learners from activities instead focusing on natural and logical consequences. Using our therapeutic approach to behaviour management aids positive change in the learners; improving self-esteem, confidence, resilience, and honesty.

All facilitators work with this 5-step model:

Self-Awareness: Think what might impact facilitating a positive learning opportunity.
Expectations & Boundaries: Clearly explain what we hope to happen and not happen.
Empathy & UPR: Understanding each learners individual needs and accepting them.
Honesty & Genuineness: Working in an open way, to build trusting relationship.
Evaluate: Reflecting on our session, actions, well-being, and relationships

To promote self-awareness and self-regulation – The Luccombe Hub utilises ‘Zones of Regulation’ throughout the centre:

The ZONES of Regulation™ 

The Zones of Regulation are a framework to support an individual’s understanding of emotions to categorise them into different coloured zones. Strategies are then identified for individuals to carry out to get back to the green zone to feel calm, focused, and ready to learn.

The Zones of Regulation resources can be used to support your child/young person to identify and describe their feelings, which can support a discussion around why they are feeling a certain way, and what strategies can be used when they feel like this.

The ultimate aim of this is to support your child to develop their independence in identifying and expressing their feelings, and independently identifying strategies, to prevent them from becoming dysregulated.

Where a child is learning to recognise their emotions, the adults supporting the child can utilise these Zones as a way of assessing how the child maybe feeling and therefore the level interaction that can be tolerated.

We have seen a reduction in incidents due to the way we work with our learners by: Building positive relationships with our learners, role modelling positive learning behaviours, using consistent communication, positive language, being responsive to learners needs and engaging with the learning alongside them.  


We take a strong stance on bullying at Luccombe Hub because it is crucial that all our learners feel comfortable to be themselves and feel safe whilst with us. This said sometimes our learners make mistakes, therefore we use our therapeutic approach to managing such incidents, using reflective practice, restorative meetings to deal with any bullying and maintaining regular contact with parents and carers to work together to resolve any issues.

For further information, please see our Centre policies: 

Behaviour Management Policy, Equality Policy, Fairness & Dignity Policy, Exclusion Policy.